To teach large-scale woodblock printmaking and promote public awareness for the art form.


Artists interested in carving a woodblock of at least 24 by 36 inches are invited to apply to print with us. Experience art-making on a monumental scale, explore creative places, and connect with other artists from coast to coast.
Rolling Ink Onto Carved Woodblock


We work with art associations, museums, secondary, and post-secondary schools to host events that demonstrate our distinct printing process. Bring your own group together for a printing event.
Close Up Of Carving Tools With Poppy Flower Background


Carve a woodblock at home and then print in our private studio whenever you're ready. Can’t make the trip? Ship the woodblock and we’ll print it for you!


Speedball Art Products Alumni Scholarship

BARBARA DUVAL, VISITOR, 2021, woodblock print on paper, 48 x 36 inches.

All artists previously accepted into a call-for-entry will be considered for the Speedball Art Products Alumni Scholarship should they reapply for another call.

"Being a professional sculptor, carving a woodblock was something that appealed to my sensibilities. BIG INK answered my technical questions quickly and gave me feedback on my image. I'm now taking what I learned and integrating it back into my 3-D work."

Kerry Furlani