Carve Your Creative Path

We provide the guidance & printing equipment to help artists realize their vision.

Welcome to the Woodblock Revolution

Are you primed for the challenge of producing work on a monumental scale? BIG INK seeks image proposals from emerging, mid-career, and established visual artists who would like to carve a woodblock, at least 24" x 36" in dimension, to print at an upcoming event. No prior experience is required. Any artist that has an interest in print media and wants to achieve a deeper understanding of woodblock carving may apply.

Upcoming Calls-for-Entry

Video Tutorials

Never carved a woodblock? No problem! BIG INK's step-by-step video tutorials will guide you through the process.

Professional Prints

BIG INK assists in the creation of three impressions from your carved block, one of which is archived in the BIG INK portfolio.


Participants are provided a photographed image of their work which is also added to

No Submission Fee

BIG INK doesn't charge a submission fee and only collects a participation fee from artists accepted in the program.

Meet Squiddy Our Eight Armed Ink Slinger

Squiddy is the name of a favorite BIG INK mascot. He uses his many arms to fulfill a variety of interests including printmaking, air guitar, and stamp collecting. Squiddy is featured prominently on BIG INK's tour poster which you can see by clicking the button below. Tag @biginkprints on Instagram with a photo of our poster tacked up at a creative hot spot and you might get something special in return!

Woodblock Print Archive

BIG INK has worked with hundreds of artists and, although we meet in-person for a short period of time, the spirit of collaboration lives on through our growing woodblock print archive. BIG INK requests ownership of one print from each BIG INK participant. Their work is photographed, cataloged online, and used for future curatorial projects.

Susan Mathias

Susan Mathias

Sally D Dion

Sally D Dion

Richard Deon

Richard Deon

Michael Keyes

Michael Keyes

Mia Kosko

Mia Kosko

Marcia Wood Mertinooke

Marcia Wood Mertinooke

"The Big Tuna" Mobile Printing Press

BIG INK’s giant mobile press, officially dubbed "The Big Tuna," is unique in that it can travel practically anywhere. It can be set up indoors or outdoors and can print oversize with relative ease. No other such machine exists that can travel readily and provide artists access to large-scale printing equipment. The Big Tuna has made quite an impression when assembled in various places such as the entrance to a subway station, in the middle of a flea market or at the heart of a city commons.

Recent Exhibits

Curators will request work from our archive to exhibit at universities, museums, art centers, and galleries. Hosting an exhibit is easy to facilitate since twenty or thirty prints can be rolled and shipped. Prints are typically hung on the wall using rare earth magnets. If you are a curator interested in mounting a BIG INK exhibit please contact us for more information via the button below.


“They encouraged all the participants to work together to execute their prints. The event inspired me to continue exploring scale and surface in my practice and opened up a new channel of communication with a great group of artists.”

Enrique FigueredoArtist,

“BIG INK is a great way to connect students with creative entrepreneurs working in the field. They came fully prepared to print, brought amazing works, and shared words of wisdom with my printmaking class.”

Bill CassInstructor, New Hampshire Institute of Art

“Coordinating a call-for-entry with BIG INK went smoothly, they had something for everyone at the event (including smaller blocks for community members to print), and a nice mix of local and out-of-town artists visited our studio as a result.”

Priya VadhyarProgram Coordinator, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center