Welcome to the Woodcut Revolution

We organize a network of creative thinkers focused on carving, printing, and promoting the art of large scale relief printing.

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Alfonso Fabrega

Alfonso Fabrega

Alison Darrow

Alison Darrow

Anna Pausch

Anna Pausch

Our mission is to inspire a greater public appreciation for relief printmaking and extend its practice among contemporary artists.

Why Be A BIG INKer?

Here are a few good reasons...
Video Tutorials

Never made a woodcut or woodblock print? No problem! We've created step-by-step video tutorials to get you started.

Professional Prints

We assist in the creation of three impressions from your carved block, one of which is archived in the BIG INK portfolio.

High-Res Photography

You are provided a professionally photographed image of your work that is also added to our website.

No Submission Fee

We don't charge a submission fee and only collect a participation fee if you are accepted.


“They encouraged all the participants to work together to execute their prints. The event inspired me to continue exploring scale and surface in my practice and opened up a new channel of communication with a great group of artists.”

Enrique FigueredoArtist, enriquefigueredo.com

“BIG INK is a great way to connect students with creative entrepreneurs working in the field. They came fully prepared to print, brought amazing works, and shared words of wisdom with my printmaking class.”

Bill CassInstructor, New Hampshire Institute of Art

“Coordinating a call-for-entry with BIG INK went smoothly, they had something for everyone at the event (including smaller blocks for community members to print), and a nice mix of local and out-of-town artists visited our studio as a result.”

Priya VadhyarProgram Coordinator, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center