A Monumental Recap of BIG INK’s 2018 Woodblock Tour

October 29, 2018News

Sometimes undertaking a new creative process can feel like being in the wilderness. Printmaker Lyell Castonguay felt that way when he started creating large-scale relief prints. Castonguay states, “Monumental woodblock prints are difficult to execute but I’ve always been drawn to technical challenges.  Even now, after years of carving and printing large-scale, I’m always reevaluating … Read More

Boost Your Scale in 2019

October 17, 2018News

BIG INK’s newest call-for-entries are hot off the press!  Challenge yourself creatively and boost your artistic vision this year with BIG INK.  Our custom video tutorials, guidance, and advice will help you carve your idea on a larger scale than ever before. Our 2019 tour begins in March when BIG INK’s giant mobile printmaking press … Read More