3S Artspace

BIG INK exhibit visits the New Hampshire Seacoast region.

Over 25 big prints travel to Portsmouth, NH.

In June and July of 2017, over 25 prints from the BIG INK portfolio were displayed at 3S Artspace — a nonprofit arts organization that includes a large gallery space, performance venue, and upscale restaurant. This show was curated by 3S Artspace director Beth Falconer, who also invited BIG INK to host two one-day print sessions inside the gallery.  Prints include work by past participants including: Elena Betke Brunswick & Jamie Sweeney, Monique Martin, Rachel Thern, Christopher Stepler, Denise D Manseau, Gary Comoglio, John Cadigan, David Hazlett, Alla Lazebnik, Nolan O’Connell, Annie Lee-Zimerle & Brian Zimerle, LeeAnn Jacobs DiCicco, Nina Jordan, Martin Lee Boyle, Fletcher Smith, Mike Estabrook, Rebecca Gilbert, Robert Patierno, Gabriela Gonzalez, J.L. Abraham, Denise Amses, Sarah Matthews.  Installation shots provided by Michael Winters Photography.