Our mission is to inspire a greater public appreciation for large-scale woodblock printmaking and to extend its practice as an artistic discipline.

Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet founded BIG INK in 2012. Castonguay, whose personal woodblocks are often monumental, wanted to encourage other printmakers to expand their sense of scale. Recognizing most artists don't have the technical expertise required for such work, Castonguay began to teach the woodblock carving process. By hosting informal "print parties," word spread and more artists wanted to learn the craft. Castonguay established BIG INK to accommodate the growing interest.

Lyell Castonguay

Lyell Castonguay's work includes reduction, multi-block, and large-scale woodblock printing. He is represented by Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts, Imprint Gallery, and his work is included in international collections. Castonguay has over a decade's worth of experience working with fellow artists, guiding them through the creative process, and printing their work.

Carand Burnet

Carand Burnet is a musician and writer. Her interest in printed media stems from a life long passion for poetry. She's written for Art New England Magazine, Art in Print, Printmaking Today, and Printeresting.org.

"BIG INK gave me the knowledge and confidence to create my first woodblock print. The program is extraordinarily well organized and supportive — and it is an absolute pleasure to work with a master printmaker."

Erica Holthausen