BIG INK hosts large-scale woodblock printmaking events at locations across the United States. Artists can apply to participate by submitting an online application.


1. Full Name and Collaborator’s Full Name – Tell us your full name and how you wished to be addressed in public. Include the pseudonym or business name you work under, e.g. Jane Smith aka “SmithWorks”. List any additional project collaborators following the same format.

2. Email and Telephone – Tells us how to reach you.

3. Mailing Address – Tells us where we should send printmaking samples if your application is accepted.

4. Website – Tells us where we can find more of your work. We recommending including a Dropbox URL that links to images of your work if you don’t have a website. Learn more about Dropbox here.

5. Facebook & Instagram Usernames – This helps us tag you on social media posts.

6. Referral – Tell us how to better advertise our calls-for-entry.

7. Project Statement – Tells us your expectations, experience level, and what you hope to achieve. Mention the challenges and rewards you envision along the way. One paragraph.

8. Anticipated Dimensions – We recommend working at the minimum size allowed (24 by 36 inches) if this is your first woodblock carving. The maximum size depends on location. Refer to the FAQ titled “How big can I work?”.

9. Image Upload – Show us what you intend to carve by uploading a black and white drawing, digital graphic, painting, photograph, or print. Either a previously created image or a new concept is acceptable. The image must be formatted as YourFirstName_YourLastName.jpg, e.g. Jane_Smith.jpg. The digital image must be a JPG (.jpg). Files with a .docx, .pdf, or (.jpeg) extension will not upload. Do not include identifying information on the image.

BIG INK Founders Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet review each submission.

We select submissions that follow all the directions as laid out in these FAQS. We look for statements that provide insight into the applicant’s artistic practice. We also evaluate the applicant’s ability to complete the project based on the complexity and scale of the proposed carving.

It is free to submit; accepted applicants pay $300 to participate.

Participation highlights include access to our online woodblock printmaking master class for one year, a printmaking samples kit, hands-on instruction during the event, and three prints from your woodblock.

Yes, artists of all skill levels are encouraged to apply. You’ll learn the woodblock printmaking process through a combination of online and in-person instruction.

Yes, multiple artists may collaborate on one image. The image upload must include the whole design. We also recommend outlining how each artist will contribute in the project statement.


Yes, if the woodblock is either 3/8” or 1/2” thick and the dimensions are within the parameters for the location.

Yes, design changes are allowed. Any changes must be in keeping with the style and character of the original submission. For example, don’t submit an image of a landscape and then carve a portrait.

If accepted, your mailing address will be shared with our sponsors. They will send you samples of ink, paper, wood, etc. We do not sell your information to third-parties.

Accepted participants receive a registration email two days following the application deadline.

You bring a fully carved, ready to print woodblock, and we’ll bring the rest. It’s that simple. All other consumable materials, including ink and paper, are provided.

Participants purchase their own 1/2 or 3/8 inch carving substrate. BIG INK recommends Cherry Plywood, Shina Plywood, or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Participants also purchase their own carving tools. We recommend the Power Grip brand. Our master class goes into greater detail and includes product purchase links.

No, participants are responsible for their own lodging and meals. We recommend Airbnb. Click here to save $40 on your first booking.

First your application must be submitted, acknowledged, and accepted. Then you will receive a Welcome Letter and Paypal invoice shortly following notification.

We recommend working at the minimum size allowed (24 by 36 inches) if this is your first woodblock carving. The maximum size depends on location.

Tiger Lily Press: 40 by 96 inches
Arvada Center for the Arts: 40 by 96
Whiteaker Printmakers: 40 by 72
Hopkins Center for the Arts: 40 by 96
Dedee Shattuck Gallery: 40 by 96
Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts: 40 by 96
Riverviews Artspace: 40 by 96
Hudgens Center for Art & Learning: 40 by 96
Ivester Contemporary: 40 by 96

No, our printing method isn’t suited for linoleum and we encourage artists to try other substrates. For example, MDF is just as easy to carve and can be printed on “The Big Tuna”.

No, we cannot accommodate color printing during our public events due to time constraints.

All previous BIG INK event participants will automatically be considered for Speedball Art Products and Legion Paper Alumni Scholarships should they reapply and their submission is accepted. BIG INK draws at random and awards four scholarships per event. Those who received the award are notified at time of acceptance.

We are unable to offer scholarships to new applicants at this time. Artists have applied for funding through local and state grants, The Awesome Foundation, Kickstarter and the Chenven Foundation.

Yes, we encourage it.

Participation fees are non-refundable.


No, participants are only required to attend one assigned printing day.

Yes, contact us beforehand so we can coordinate with the venue. Please include a return label in the package.

We recommend cutting exceptionally long woodblocks (over 6 feet) into pieces. We will abut them together on the press before printing. Keep in mind this will create a thin white line on the finished print.

Please send inquiries to Lyell Castonguay, contact@bigink .org.


Please note our system does not save drafts. It is best to copy/paste responses from a word document or notepad. Contact us if you experience technical issues. We look forward to reviewing your application.

    Show us what you intend to carve by uploading a black and white drawing, digital graphic, painting, photograph, or print. See examples of previously accepted submissions here.

    Please agree to the following conditions by checking each box below.