Brickbottom Gallery

BIG INK exhibition travels to the Boston metro area

Big prints come to the Commonwealth

In December 2017 and January 2018, 29 prints from the BIG INK portfolio were exhibited at Brickbottom — a community art gallery located in Sommerville, MA.  This show was made possible in part by past BIG INK participants Debra Olin and Carolyn Muskat who hung the show and organized an opening reception.  The show includes work by past participants: J.L. Abraham, Sherri Blasé, Martin Lee Boyle, Elena Betke Brunswick/Jamie Sweeney, Carand Burnet, Lyell Castonguay, Camille Chew, Dan Chiaccio, Kerry O. Furlani, Madeline Gaffey, Barbara Ryan Gartin, Robin Gibson, Rebecca Gilbert, Delaney Green, Cait Guinta/Ned Roche, David Hazlett, Nina Jordan, Eben Kling, Brian Kreydatus, Erin Leon, Kelli MacConnell, Denise Manseau, Carolyn Muskat, Kevin Pomerleau, Nomi Silverman, Kate Smith, Chris Stepler, Kristie Valentine, David Witbeck