Experience art-making on a monumental scale, explore creative places, and connect with artists from coast to coast.

Artists interested in carving a woodblock of at least 24 by 36 inches are invited to apply to print with BIG INK. No prior experience is necessary and emerging, mid-career, and established visual artists are encouraged to apply. Upon acceptance, artists have two months to carve their design. We then meet at a venue and help each other print as a group.

Overhead View Of Printing Press Spectators Looking Onward

Our program has the only oversize printing press designed for routine travel.

Gaining access to oversize equipment is an obstacle for any artist who wants to print large-scale.  We raised $13,000 through public support to commission The Big Tuna.  Given its lightweight, modular construction, The Big Tuna can be transported virtually anywhere!

Make art part of your next adventure!

Our program invites participants to visit new and interesting places.  From San Francisco to Nashville, the best galleries and art centers host BIG INK events.  Participants create friendships and connect with visitors during a memorable day.  Afterward, they are free to explore the local sights, feeling inspired by an art event like no other.

Two People Holding Paper Above Head Printing Woodblock

Anyone with patience and admiration for quality craftsmanship will thrive in our program.

BIG INK participants come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels.  An event can include college professors, art school graduates, designers, illustrators, sculptors, painters, photographers, and hobbyists.  Some participants have never carved a woodblock, while others have carved many.

If your work features contrast, outlines, or patterning, then woodblock printmaking may be the perfect artistic medium for you!

Artists Sitting On Stoop Smiling And Looking At Camera

BIG INK builds a bridge between artist and audience.

Community members can watch The Big Tuna in action as event participants captivate the crowd with their artistic skill.  Once inspired, the public can make their own mini print.  Volunteers assist audience members with inking pre-carved plates and printing on The Anchovy, BIG INK’s mini press.

Big or small we print it all!

We strive to make the production of a large-scale woodblock accessible.

Our online master class guides participants through the woodblock carving process before the event, imparting knowledge of preferred materials and techniques.  Play Lesson 5 – Get a grip on your carving tools above.

Newspaper Article Describing A Printmaking Event

Bring you art to a new audience outside the studio.  We work with local media outlets to advertise the event.  Our social media accounts highlight the work of participants to an international following.

Follow @biginkprints on Facebook and Instagram to see what others are carving!

Hand Rolling Printing Ink Onto Carved Woodblock

The resulting prints are professional grade, ready for exhibition and sale.

BIG INK creates three impressions from each participant’s woodblock, all of which the artist keeps.  Woodblocks are printed on archival paper using traditional oil-based ink.  BIG INK directs the operation and maintains a high standard of quality throughout the process.

"BIG INK encouraged all the participants to work together to execute their prints. The event inspired me to continue exploring scale and surface in my practice and opened up a new channel of communication with a great group of artists"

Enrique Figueredo