We recommend you read through this Knowledge Base and view our Call-For-Entry Program Booklet before applying.

Please note our system does not save drafts.  It is best to copy/paste responses from a word document.  Please contact us if you experience technical problems.  We look forward to receiving your application.

↓ Woodblock Must Be At Least 24 By 36 Inches • No Greater Than 40 Inches Wide • Max Length Listed In Event Slider At Top of Page

Upload a fully rendered abstract or representational design. This can include a drawing, digital graphic, painting, photograph, or print. For guidance, see previous submissions here.

• File Cannot Exceed 3mb • File Extension Must Be JPG • File Must Be Labeled first_lastname • Image Must Be B&W or Gray-Scale • Design Must Be Created Solely By The Applicant(s) • Blurry & Poorly Lit Images Will Not Be Considered.

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"BIG INK has tuned the whole workflow to produce high quality prints. Inviting the public to the event added a festive air and also provided an affirming environment. I highly recommend the experience."

Shealagh Pope