A.P.E. Gallery
Northampton, MA

Event – April 10th & 11th
Deadline – February 1st
Notification – February 3rd
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 96 inches

Raleigh, NC

Event – April 17th & 18th
Deadline – February 8th
Notification – February 10th
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 96 inches

3S Artspace
Portsmouth, NH

Event – August 28th & 29th
Deadline – June 21st
Notification – June 23rd
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 96 inches

[Artspace] at Untitled
Oklahoma City, OK

Event – October 2nd & 3rd
Deadline – July 26th
Notification – July 28th
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 72 inches

Pyramid Atlantic
Hyattsville, MD

Event – October 9th & 10th
Deadline – August 2nd
Notification – August 4th
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 96 inches

Color | Ink Studio
Hazel Park, MI

Event – October 16th & 17th
Deadline – August 9th
Notification – August 11th
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 96 inches

Hatch Show Print
Nashville, TN

Event – October 23rd & 24th
Deadline – August 16th
Notification – August 18th
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 96 inches

Atlantic Center for the Arts
New Smyrna Beach, FL

Event – November 6th & 7th
Deadline – August 30th
Notification – September 1st
Max Woodblock Size – 40 by 96 inches

Call-for-entries are free to apply; $300 if accepted.  We recommend you read through this Knowledge Base before applying.  Please note our system does not save drafts.  It is best to copy/paste responses from a word document.  Contact us if you experience technical problems.  We look forward to reviewing your application.

    Upload a representation of what you intend to carve. This can include a drawing, digital graphic, painting, photograph, or print. For guidance, see previous submissions here.

    Please agree to the following conditions by checking each box.

    "BIG INK has tuned the whole workflow to produce high quality prints. Inviting the public to the event added a festive air and also provided an affirming environment. I highly recommend the experience."

    Shealagh Pope