As creative individuals, our work inspires others. We synthesize our thoughts into narratives that speak for a community. This ability for self-reflection and dedication to seeing a project to completion also better prepares us to weather trying times. By more closely knowing ourselves, we can more confidently persevere through the unknowns.

Inspiration can't be stifled by physical separation; artists, writers, musicians, and performers will continue to create. Even though many are temporarily removed from art studios, print shops, galleries, or venues, we can still work together and create work that uplifts.

With that in mind, we wanted to share with you some of the things we’re doing to protect our participants. We implemented multiple policies and procedures to ensure that we can continue to host events while also prioritizing the safety of artists and the public.

With gratitude,

Lyell Castonguay

All Spring events have been postponed to August and September 2020.
Yes, you can apply here.  We are taking two assumptions into account: small gatherings will be permitted by the state and new infection rates remain low.  The situation is constantly evolving, and we may reschedule if there’s an unforeseen downturn.  Safety remains our top priority.
• Everyone will be required to wear a face mask.
• Participants will be the only ones allowed in the studio.  Friends, family, and the general public will not be allowed to attend.  Instead, we’ll post a series of Instagram Live segments featuring the work of each artist.
• Participants will be broken up into morning (9am-1pm) and afternoon (2pm-5pm) sessions.  There will be no more than 10 people in the studio at one time.
• Participants who don’t feel comfortable being in a room with other people can drop their woodblock off for printing during the scheduled time.
• We ask participants not to attend if they or someone in their household feels ill immediately leading up to the event.  We’ll figure out another way to print their woodblock.
You can see our upcoming events by clicking here.  Our Facebook and Instagram pages will be updated with any changes.  The deadline to apply is two months prior to the event.  We may condense our visit into one day or cancel should we fail to register a minimum of eight participants per event.  Either way, we will be in communication shortly following the deadline.