This page is a dedicated to more information about our Call-For-Entry Program.


Participants are responsible for purchasing a 1/2 or 3/8 inch carving substrate. BIG INK recommends using either Cherry Ply, Shina Ply, or MDF. Our instructional videos include links to recommended suppliers.

Carving Tools

Participants are responsible for purchasing carving tools. Power Grip is the brand we recommend.  Our instructional videos include links to recommended suppliers.

Ink & Paper

We print on Masa paper using oil-based block printing ink.


Participants carve a woodblock at least 24 by 36 inches but no larger than 40 by 96 inches in dimension. We sometimes work with venues that have an oversized press on-site. Please confirm the maximum size on our apply page.


We strive to make the production of a large-scale woodblock accessible.  Our online master class guides participants through the woodblock carving process before the event, imparting knowledge of preferred materials and techniques.


Preference will be given to artists that submit a fully rendered abstract or representational design.  This can include a drawing, digital graphic, collage, painting, photograph, or print.


All applications are reviewed internally, and a decision is provided shortly after each call’s deadline. Accepted participants receive a registration email.


It is free to submit an application; accepted applicants pay $300. This includes access to our online master class, hands on instruction during the event, and a high-res scan of the finished work.

Payment & Refunds

Accepted participants receive a Paypal invoice during registration.  Participation fees are non-refundable.


We are unable to offer scholarships. Past participants have received funding through local and state grants, The Awesome Foundation, Kickstarter and the Chenven Foundation.


Participants are responsible for bringing a fully carved woodblock on their assigned printing day. They are welcome, but not required, to attend any other printing days as a guest.

Image Changes

Participants can change their image after being accepted. Updated images must be in keeping with the style and subject of the original submission.

Preexisting Imagery

Applicants may submit a previously completed image executed in any medium.


BIG INK guarantees three high quality impressions of each participant’s woodblock, one of which the artist places in BIG INK’s collection.  The woodblock and the other two prints remain property of the artist.

Woodblocks are printed on archival paper using traditional oil-based ink.  BIG INK directs the operation and maintains a high standard of quality throughout printing.  The resulting prints are professional grade, ready for exhibition and sale.

Additional Impression

We are happy to print an additional impression of a participant’s woodblock during the event if time allows. The rate we charge depends on the length of the woodblock.

Collection & Sales

Every print is a testament to the power of creative collaboration.  Our collection includes on print from each call-for-entry participant. These works are available for purchase after being photographed and cataloged on our website. Proceeds are split between BIG INK and the participant. We also utilize the collection for exhibitions, artist talks, and college presentations.

Edition Printing

The woodblock remains property of the artist. Participants are encouraged to create additional impressions of their work after the event. We offer limited edition printing to all past participants.

High-Res Scan

Participants are provided a high-res scan of their finished print and are encouraged to use this image for self promotion.

Color Printing

Because we work with many artists at one time we standardize for efficiency. Therefore color printing is not permitted.

Print Transport

BIG INK provides newsprint to wrap finished prints. Participants who are flying are responsible for packing their prints for the return trip. Fedex Office Print & Ship Centers sell 48 inch heavy duty mailing tubes. Participants are encouraged to call the Fedex location nearest to the event and confirm availability.


Participants are responsible for their own lodging. We recommend Airbnb. Use this link to save $40 on your first booking.

Woodblock Transport

Participants may ship their block directly to the venue. Contact BIG INK directly to confirm. Please include a return label in the package.  We recommend cutting woodblocks half if they are over 6 feet in length. We will abut the pieces together on the press before printing.

Intellectual Property

All rights associated with images created in our program remain property of their respective creators.


Bring your art to a new audience outside the studio.  We work with local media outlets to advertise the event.  Our social accounts highlight the work of participants to an international following.  Participants grant BIG INK unlimited access to use their artwork and likeness for promotional purposes on the web and in print.

Make art part of your next adventure!

"Being a professional sculptor, carving a woodblock was something that appealed to my sensibilities. BIG INK answered my technical questions quickly and gave me feedback on my image. I'm now taking what I learned as a participant and integrating it back into my 3-D work."

Kerry Furlani