BIG INK’s newest call-for-entries are hot off the press!  Challenge yourself creatively and boost your artistic vision this year with BIG INK.  Our custom video tutorials, guidance, and advice will help you carve your idea on a larger scale than ever before.

Our 2019 tour begins in March when BIG INK’s giant mobile printmaking press “The Big Tuna” travels to Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.  Established in 1979, this high-school-turned-art-center offers classes, performances, exhibits, and studios. Watch a video compilation our 2017 printing event at Maryland Hall.

Woodblock Printmaking Near and Far

In June, our event is near BIG INK headquarters on the New Hampshire Seacoast at 3S Artspace.  Founded in 2015, this nonprofit arts organization includes a huge gallery, music and performance center, and restaurant.  3S is an incredible space to visit (it was once a lollipop factory, so it is has a industrial open feel), and we are grateful that it is part of our local community.  During this session with “The Big Tuna,” we’ll also be exhibiting woodblocks printed during our last 3S event.  See highlights in our compilation video from our 2017 event at 3S.

After visiting 3S Artspace, BIG INK is flying out to Denver for a session with Red Delicious Press.  We’ll be utilizing Red Delicious’ giant printmaking press to print large-scale woodblocks.  This one-of-a-kind press, painted in bright candy apple red, was built by Peter Marcus and his participants who attended the Frogman’s workshop in South Dakota.  This is our first time to The Mile-High City, and we are stoked to have the opportunity to be hosted by this Aurora Cultural Arts District non-toxic studio and have a chance to connect with artists in Colorado and beyond.

Mobile Print Shop Travels South

In September “The Big Tuna” gets a dust n’ shine for a longer road trip to Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida.  The first stop is at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus.  We’ll be printing inside The Cultural Arts Center’s Main Gallery.  This learning hub and creative space includes a contemporary gallery with emerging artists as well as instructional classes for hobbyists, designers, artists, makers and art lovers from across Central Ohio.

From far and wide, our newest tour will feature a few of the most innovative art centers to historically significant venues that continue to thrive with printmaking.

After Ohio, “The Big Tuna” giant mobile press swims South to the renown printmaking establishment Hatch Show Print for a weekend event inside Hatch Show’s Haley Gallery.  This is our first time being hosted in Nashville, and we are so excited to work with this studio that has such a rich history in the music and arts worlds.

After Nashville, “The Big Tuna” continues South to Florida at the Morean Arts Center. From the past 100 years, the Morean has offered master artist workshops, events, classes in a variety of mediums, programming, and a live-demonstration glass studio.  The Morean recently opened a new garden space at the Chihuly Collection that has an exhibition space perfect for glass artists.

In November, “The Big Tuna” turns upstream to North Carolina’s capitol for an event at Artspace. Since 1986, this 30,000 square foot facility currently houses over 30 artists, with 3 exhibition spaces, an educational space, and gift shop.  Located in the heart of downtown in the historic Sanders Ford building, it was once a livery and later a car dealership.  With more than 100,000 visitors annually, Artspace offers over 30 exhibitions and programming each year.

A Second Return of Big Woodcut to Maryland

After our event in Artspace, “The Big Tuna” concludes its journey at Pyramid Atlantic in Hyattsville, Maryland.  Founded in 1981 by artist-teacher Helen C. Frederick, this non-profit arts center features a paper making studio, print shop, letterpress studio, bindery, a darkroom, a gallery, and private artist studios.  This is our second time at Pyramid Atlantic, and we look forward to working inside the gallery’s lovely space again; see photos from our 2017 event.

For more information, check out the dates below and apply for free to make a large-scale woodblock of your own!