A fiscal and in-kind sponsor of BIG INK since 2022.

Legion Paper represents centuries of tradition and mastery in fine art papers. We offer more than three thousand existing papers from the finest manufacturers in sixteen countries. Legion’s partnership with BIG INK combines the world’s largest fine art printmaking paper selection with the exceptional printmaking expertise of BIG INK. Legion hopes to enhance artists’ work with various printmaking papers to experiment and create with and to support and grow the woodblock printmaking community.

— Buddy Smith, Legion Paper

The Legion Paper Alumni Scholarship encourages artists who’ve previously participated to register for another public workshop. BIG INK draws at random, and if selected, the workshop participation fee is covered by Legion. Each scholarship recipient agrees to donate one of their woodblock prints to Legion. Two scholarships are awarded per event, and recipients are featured below.

Paper sample pack

Public workshop participants receive a paper sample pack in the mail after registering. The nicely branded pack includes the following items —

✔️ Arches Text
✔️ Masa
✔️ Mulberry
✔️ Rives Lightweight
✔️ Somerset Book
✔️ Stonehenge
✔️ Unryu