Sarah Kinard
Woodblock Print On Paper
40 by 30 inches
Printed at BIG INK Studio

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I focus on the cycle of trauma and the distorted narrative it has created in my life. Currently, my work is a reference to my journey of living in toxic environments as a child and young adult. My intuitive nature guides me to revisit and correct my distorted thinking patterns, which have become formal elements in my prints. I explore conceptually and formally through observation and action, an exploration that started in cognitive therapy. The goal is to understand my journey better and, in turn, better understand my design choices. I use woodcut and screen-printing to build my imagery within the formal binary system. I also exploit these techniques to emphasize the use of positive and negative space. Earlier states of my work started with creating prints as collage material. This process is an active part of my work. Pulling from a library of visual imagery, I focus on the construction of digital colleges. A combination of physical elements, multiple layers, and digital renderings are used to create an illusion of depth. – Sarah Kinard