Lyell Castonguay
Woodblock print on paper
12 by 9 inches

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The Toadadillo is a small reptile and mammalian hybrid found in wetlands throughout North, Central, and South America. Their body characteristics combine elements of Yosemite Toad, Nine-Banded Armadillo, and its tail resembles that of a crocodile. Their diet consists mostly of smaller amphibians and fish. They are most agile in water but venture on land to search for insects when aquatic food sources are scarce.

The Toadadillo’s shell coloration is muted browns and tans. However, during mating season, the shell changes to red, orange, and yellow. Toadadillos carry leprosy and will jump aggressively during this time. Remember the saying, “Stay away from Toadadillos in May.” if you encounter one in the wild. This woodblock print of the Toadadillo is carved and hand-printed by Lyell Castonguay.