Woodblock Master Class & Limited Edition Printing


Carve a woodblock following BIG INK’s online master class then visit for a day of one-on-one printing. Can’t make the trip? Ship the woodblock and we’ll print it for you!*

If you’ve already taken our master class then sign-up for our Limited-Edition Printing service here.


If you enjoy working with your hands, woodblock printmaking may be the perfect artistic medium for you!  In this online master class join BIG INK’s Lyell Castonguay as he draws, carves, and prints the 24 by 36 inch woodblock pictured below.  Work at your own pace from home, gain a comprehensive understanding of the process, and top it off with one-on-one printing at Castonguay’s studio!  All skill levels are welcome.

Course videos include…
• Gathering the necessary materials.
• Choosing a carving material based on your experience and design complexity.
• Preparing the carving material.
• Simplifying photo-based designs.
• Enlarging the image.
• Learning the secret to small image transfers.
• Getting a grip on carving tools.
• Falling in love with textures.
• Creating a beautiful wood grain effect.
• Balancing spontaneity with precision while drawing.
• Implementing time-saving carving strategies.
• Keeping your cutting edge keen with tool honing.
• Dry, wet, and press proofing.  What are the differences?
• Fixing carving mistakes.
• Making revisions and pulling another proof.
• Signing and storing finished prints.
• Utilizing power tools.
• Dressing your artwork to impress with a custom made display.

Limited-edition printing services include the following…

✔️ One day of personal printing assistance with hands-on instruction
✔️ Oil-based printing ink
✔️ Printing paper for woodblocks no greater than 40 inches wide
✔️ 12 impressions from a woodblock up to 40 by 72 inches long
✔️ 8 impressions from a woodblock up to 40 by 96 inches long

*A BIG INK representative will follow up with master class access and registration information after purchase.  Students are responsible for purchasing the materials required to carve their woodblock. Students are also responsible for lodging, meals, transportation, and any shipping costs associated with their project.  Price includes access to BIG INK’s Online Master Class for one year from purchase date.

This was an awesome experience, well organized and very instructive. If you’re interested in woodblock printing BIG INK is a great organization!
— Scott Margolis