Our Education Partner Since 2019.

Thanks to the financial support provided by Speedball Art Products, BIG INK can distribute cash awards for select participants in our workshops. You can view the gallery below to see newly produced woodblock prints created by funding recipients. Each piece is printed using Speedball Oil-Based Block Printing Ink.


  • Speedball Art Products’ Oil-Based Block Printing Ink is utilized in all BIG INK workshops.
  • Speedball Art Products mails BIG INK workshop participants wood, paper, and ink samples. The kit includes Arnhem Paper, Speedball Oil-Based Block Printing Ink (1 oz tube, black), Purebond Cherry Plywood, Shina Plywood, and a Soft Rubber Brayer (4-inch width).
  • BIG INK can distribute cash awards to select workshop participants, thanks to the financial support of Speedball Art Products. 

Speedball’s mission is to serve as the trusted brand of choice and a catalyst for inspiration, community, and accessibility for artists worldwide.  Our partnership with BIG INK has been integral to consistently prioritizing that vision in its efforts to bring enhanced awareness and education for large-scale woodblock printmaking.  We are honored to be able to play a small role in making the opportunity to participate in BIG INK’s curriculum and events a reality for a greater number of talented and passionate printmakers.
Kelley Braun
Dir. of Brand Marketing & Marketing Operations, Speedball Art Products