Follow along as your instructor, Lyell Castonguay, demonstrates how to carve and print a woodblock.

About This Class:

Join award-winning artist Lyell Castonguay on a creative adventure! He will walk you through producing a woodblock print in a series of pre-recorded video lessons. Learn the essentials of this compelling art form; no experience is required.

Instructor: Lyell Castonguay
Class Length: 36 video lessons (2 hours 20 minutes)

Learn how to…

  • …prepare your design.
  • …select carving wood.
  • …transfer your sketch to wood.
  • …hold carving chisels.
  • …ink your woodblock.
  • …select printing paper.
  • …print your woodblock.
  • …sign and display your finished print.

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Follow the links in each video lesson to see the materials your instructor recommends.

Download PDF guides on carving depths, tool maintenance, and more.



Meet your instructor, Lyell Castonguay, as he overviews this video series.


Learn the basic concept behind history’s oldest form of printing.


View a brief narrated slideshow of images showing woodblock prints produced in Asia and Europe.


Use a combination of the grid method and collaboration to complete your carving under a deadline.


Learn to create an image design fit to carve.


Learn the different types of wood your instructor recommends carving.


Learn to transfer a sketch onto your woodblock using carbon paper.


Learn to transfer a sketch onto your woodblock with a transparent acetate sheet.


Learn about using wet and dry media to draw on your woodblock.


Learn why it’s essential to tint and sand your woodblock before carving.  


Learn to prevent fatigue while working using ergonomics and muscle stretches. 


Learn which style of carving chisel your instructor prefers and how to place these tools in your hand.


Watch your instructor use chisels to carve a variety of marks.


Learn the benefits of honing and sharpening your carving chisels.


Learn to carve deep enough so printing ink doesn’t bleed into your carving.

Watch your instructor carve a 24 x 36-inch woodblock in a time-lapse video.


Learn to cut your woodblock quickly with the aid of an electric power carver.


Learn to clear large areas uniformly using a palm router.


Learn to use a wire brush to raise the grain on your woodblock.


Learn to use other tools besides wood chisels on your block.


Learn graphite rubbing so you can quickly view your carving in progress.


Learn why cleaning and sanding your woodblock is essential before applying ink.  


Learn to repair cutting errors on your woodblock using epoxy.


Learn what to consider when choosing a paper to print your woodblock.


Learn to create a template to align your paper with your woodblock.


Learn which ink your instructor recommends for printing.


Learn to use a brayer on a prepared inking surface.


Learn to apply ink to your woodblock.


Learn to hand print your woodblock using a wooden spoon.


Learn how to tell when your prints are dry.


Learn to clean your workspace after printing.


Learn to clean your woodblock after printing.


Learn how to sign your finished prints.


Learn how to display your work.


Learn how to store your work.


Your instructor congratulates you for completing the course.

Example Lesson:

Title: Developing Your Design

Time: 02:11

Summary: Learn to create an image design fit to carve.


Hello and welcome. My name is Lyell Castonguay,

and I’ll be your instructor.

This series will introduce you to the methods and materials needed to

create a woodblock print.

I will use the knowledge I’ve gained through teaching to present a comprehensive

overview of the process.

Follow along while I share my favorite tips and tricks.

Each lesson may include written resources such as web links

or downloadable PDF files.

Look for additional content accompanying each video.

Move through this series sequentially.

Explore our FAQs and reach out if you have any questions.

Learning to make a woodblock print is an enriching and fun


You’ll discover more about yourself and how you like to work with every

image you create. I hope you find the process rewarding,

and I’m excited to be your guide.

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Questions may be directed to Lyell Castonguay at contact@bigink.org.

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Woodblock Printmaking Teacher
Hello There!

My name is Lyell Castonguay, and I’ll be your instructor. I started carving woodblocks while obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. I live in Central Maine, and my newest work examines the lives of animals through the lens of an illustrator and visual storyteller. My pet doves and finches inspire me to continue making nature-themed woodblock prints.

If you have questions about my online course or the in-person workshops I offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form below. I am excited to hear from you.

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